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The Jim Kroft Podcast - DeanIsHome

The Jim Kroft Podcast - DeanIsHome

Episode #1 features this iconic Berlin street musician

Dear friends,

I had the great pleasure to interview DeanIsHome for my first guest podcast. You can either listen to the audio version here or click on this picture to watch the video:

Dean is an extraordinary musician who made his way from a small Bulgarian village to become one of Berlin's modern-day icons.

The interview was tremendously fun to conduct. Everything I prepared went out the window. My plan with the podcast was:

  1. To extract actionable creative tips for my audience

  2. To compress the story into a high-value hour

Instead, I ended up engrossed in this man’s charismatic energy for 3 hours, tattooing his arm (yup, it’s now infected) and tucking into a bottle of Laphroaig.

Why restrain a bull in a China shop when you can relish the poetry of its rampage?

All this said, there is an abundance of inspirational material here. Dean’s insights are hard-earned and unique.

In the podcast, we explore: 
- the creative process
- jumping into the unknown
- the importance of decisive action
- using limitation
 - songwriting
 - overcoming adversity
 - street musician life
 - fighting for your dreams
 - dealing with early trauma
 - DIY attitude
 - motivating yourself from both darkness and light
 - becoming the best you can be
 - Berlin's busking community


There are few people who have lived "the path" like this man.

He has been through so much. His story is powerful, inspiring, tough, and real.

It’s a testament to willpower, passion and belief, as well as overcoming challenges, bullying and cultural boundaries.

He marries a never-say-die attitude with a gregarious energy of spirit.

He's also utterly punk rock.

In a world where people are monitoring what they say and trying to fit in with one another, Dean is a throwback.

His honesty and openness are refreshing and a reminder that great artists follow their truth, no matter what.

If you are on the cusp of doing something new or dominated by doubt: this is the story you need to hear.

Having recorded 21 albums in his DIY studios, there is so much to learn.

The first thing I did after talking with Dean was to buy a speaker for my van. Dam, don’t some people get your blood going!

His story says:

Live your art. Embody it. Become who you are. And never forget, this is our one shot at life. Live every day as fully as you can.

Much love all! Jim

p.s to gain one more paid subscriber this weekend would make my day!

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