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Jim Kroft Podcast ★ Episode #2 ▲ Kid Be Kid

Jim Kroft Podcast ★ Episode #2 ▲ Kid Be Kid

What does it take for someone to develop their talent beyond the threshold of what’s possible?

Dear friends,

When I first thought about starting a podcast, I knew that I wanted to start it with local artists here in Berlin.

Two names came to me immediately - Dean is Home and Kid Be Kid

I’m so thrilled and honoured today to present my conversation with Kid Be Kid!


The first time I saw Kid Be Kid playing I thought - this is one of the world's great artists. Since then, we've become friends and collaborated on various filming projects.

Nothing gives me more joy than seeing a great artist emerge out of the underground, especially one this talented - and disciplined.

In the podcast, we explore so much, including:

- her creative process
- overcoming adversity
- the mindset of practice 
- the challenges of the music industry 
- Berlin life 
- DIY attitude 
- times of transformation 
- becoming the best we can be

A lovely story to inspire other artists:

When I first wrote to Kid Be Kid I explained that the idea of the podcast is to give other creatives guidance & hope.

She replied:

“I am not sure I am a very good example to empower or encourage others because I don't know if I am happy enough with my artistic career, and I don't want to lie or pretend to be satisfied”

I replied:

“The honesty in this message is one part of what makes you a great artist and one of the reasons I want to speak with you”.

And then a beautiful thing happened!

Since we first spoke, the world is waking up to Kid Be Kid! The summer is packed with festivals even before the album is released. The tide is turning.

It was so joyous to meet this powerful, vulnerable being in the midst of great transformation.

Years of developing in dark rooms manifesting outward.

Guts & determination leading to the light of the world.

It is precious to speak with an artist at the moment of crystallisation:
between carbon and diamond.

But mainly we just laughed like hell!

So excited to share the journey, frankness & insights of this amazing human. Friends, we spiral upwards together!

Jim 🦋

Jim Kroft
Jim Kroft Podcast
Welcome to the artistic life of Berlin based Jim Kroft. Broken guidance for the spiritually adrift. Ecstatic ravings about creativity. Occasionally, an existential scream. Always a joyous search for the meaning in adversity.
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