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This is such an interesting area, for everyone who interacts in and with the digital world, which these days is the majority of the world’s population! 😅Tackling the interaction between self, the ‘real world’ and the digital world presents lots of & is a constant challenge and one which is not a static phenomenon either. I appreciate your insights into this and your reflections of how you grapple with these challenges.🙏

It is helpful to think about it, read about it, discuss it and ponder it, despite the fact that ultimately each individual needs to sort it out for themselves. Not an easy task that’s for sure! 😘

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Beautify article and very interesting concepts. Thank you for making me take a step back this morning and make sure I am on the right track!

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such interesting insight! in my personal life, i've never really struggled with social media. i've always just had fun with it, and in periods where it didn't feel as fun have automatically stepped away without making it a conscious decision. i only find myself endlessly scrolling when i am not feeling well, either mentally or physically, and the alternative would be staring at a blank wall - which might sometimes be helpful for contemplation, but has not really posed an issue for me.

as for my professional life, i feel greatly privileged that i haven't felt the need to make my professional life present on social media. i have a linkedin profile and that seems to be enough for now. while there has been some struggle with getting my freelancing launched right when i jumped into doing it full time, some networking on linkedin has brought several exciting opportunities along. i have to admit, i wouldn't even know how to make what i do into an interesting social media profile. still, i find others' journey with it - like yours - immensely interesting and often wonder how i would go about it if i worked in the arts more so than i do now.

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I've always pondered on the irony of being a creator - the idea that one should be authentic and vulnerable while also adding value and inspiration.

Thank you for the clarity that this piece has brought me, Jim!

One of your best 🙌

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Dear Kate, it means so very much both that you dropped and to receive this comment. Really appreciated! Have a beautiful day, Jim

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