This was a beautiful yet devastating read. I feel like you’ve summed up perfectly things that I’ve been struggling to get down on the page. It’s all tangled up, we try to make sense of tragedy and sorrow and yet before we even can, there is more of it.

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Thank you for all your thoughts. It is heartbreaking. What can we do? It does feel like so little when things are so big. But we still try to do something. x Lisa

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Ah, Jim. I, too, have been feeling a great heaviness from more than one direction. But I have learned not to look for consolation. It feels only right for me to accept the pain that such events illicit in me as the proper response—which is not to say the only response. Naturally I also offer practical aid as far as I am able and prayer of my own kind.

I feel your grappling here with these questions not at all unuseful. I heard many of my own thoughts echoed and mirrored back to me, giving me a different perspective on them.

Just sitting in the discomfort of it all and asking for nothing.

Sending love…

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