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I came up to the conclusion that whatever reduces your immediate “will-work” helps you move towards your goal. Short term motivation has its own limitations - it can help to kick off your journey but usually slows you down long-term.

And letting go your expectations is indeed a great example of this as it affects your immediate motivation and therefore reduces the ability to work consistently.

Putting the planner in charge of your life is also helpful as a way of delegating responsibility of making small actions to external actor which is stronger than a will which can be prone to fluctuations, while keeping yourself in charge of the global direction of your life

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i regularly struggle with consistency - mostly in times when my mental health is not good. i'm naturally a very ambitious and perfectionist person, so it has been hard to come to terms with the fact that sometimes, i am not able to reach my daily goals. i've been learning to be kind to myself in those times - any progress i've made is not gone because of a few bad days. a day in which i cannot mentally or physically work towards one of my goals is not a wasted day, it does not ruin all the work i've already put towards reaching said goal. all i can do is try tomorrow, and if it works i can be proud of myself, but if it doesn't, i don't have to put myself down. "You do it out of a value you want to live by.", as you say - that is something that helped me so much when i actually realized and started to internalize it, because all of a sudden, i am the only one i am accountable to, and even though i tend to be my own worst critic, it helped me to be kinder to myself :)

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OMG! 🤩 l love how you quote Thich Nhat Hahn. He was such an inspirational person in pretty much every way possible. ☸️ A truly remarkable human being! ✨You have just taken a massive jump upwards in my respect for you in this single act alone!! 🤣

This whole piece resonated with me but one thing (apart from your TNT quote at the end) you said, was gold-“You don’t do it because of something you want from the world. You do it out of a value you want to live by”-spot on!! 👏👏

Thank you. 🙏 A great start to my weekend! 😘

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