‚Could it be that this constant desire for something from everything is the root of modern misery?‘

I think you are onto something with this observation. Always chasing stuff rather than being and letting things unfold.

By the sounds of it, your ‚Isolation Diaries‘ documentary is a search for many somethings which, together, will be a bigger something. Not with a storyline or special effects but perhaps with lots of character development and an interesting narrative of how being can become doing and that doing can become something.

I look forward to viewing it whenever it is done. You‘ll know when that is.😊

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Wow: "how being can become doing"

This is like a tag line dear Adele.

Do I owe you a few million as my new consultant haha! In any case, I insist that the next round will be on me.

Love always -your insight returns me to me xx

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Haha, you are too kind Jamie!! 🤣 No $$ for consultancy fees necessary but you can buy me a pint sometime soon if you ever get any time to socialise in amongst your hectic work schedule!! 🏃‍♀️ That would be really great & we should stop talking about it and just do it!🍻🎉😘

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