My name is Jim,

I’ve been twenty years in the arts as a musician, film maker and photographer.

I made my way up through the underground as a musician releasing on both major labels (EMI) and indies (Radicalis)

I’ve known every up and down the musician knows. Where my story diverges is in how I keep going.

After arriving in Berlin in 2007, I started making short movies with an old DV camcorder. This turned from gritty-side-hustle to pinch-my-self career.

It was in documentaries I found my artistic home. I shot six in my 30’s including “The March of Hope” (on the lives of refugees) and “A Conversation with America” (on the 2016 election).

Sometimes something flips in my heart. Everything’s dropped and I try to contribute beyond my everyday work. What I’m most proud of is crowdfunding an SAR boat (during the 2016 refugee crisis) and raising and driving 40K of goods over to Rzeszów for SOS Ukraine.

What’s my writing about?

My original love was writing and I grew up dreaming to be an author. When my darling Mum, Dawn, died when I was a teenager, all ideas died with her.

I fell off a cliff psychologically. I was severely unwell in my 20’s. Crippled by panic attacks. 

I found solace in howling. In thrashing a guitar. And an existential foothold in the care of a brilliant psychoanalyst called Bruce.

It is knowing what it is to fall off a cliff which underpins my work.

But it is a dark miracle which led me here.

When the pandemic hit, I was at another zero. Left by my partner, living alone, utterly distraught.

And then I rediscovered my writing.

Every post follows from simply this; learning how to live again. And rediscovering writing, my first love.

My greatest joy; that it can be shared.

My dearest hope; that it might in turn help an other.

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There are five key reasons:

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  3. As a self employed artistic independent, facing the void is my job. If you are interested in productivity or struggle with self discipline, I’ve got you.

  4. During the pandemic I wrote a series of books called “The Isolation Diaries” I am typing up my handwritten pages and will serialise here (from Spring).

  5. Audio: new demos and spoken word pieces (from Spring)

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Thank you

The main reason I am here is because connecting deeper with people is everything to me. Your support is so valued and keeps me going. Please drop by in the comments, I want to know who you are and what you’re thinking.

With love and so much thanks,


p.s here’s a picture of my magical camper van Donna. I’ll be writing from the Norwegian mountains in March!

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